Service Level Agreement (SLA)

At SFR Business, reliability is our watchword. We make every effort to guarantee the uninterrupted availability of our network so that you can work in optimal conditions. We have a team of specialised technicians and we guarantee rapid and efficient intervention in case of connection or line problems.



In case of breakdown, if the physical presence of one of our technicians is required, the technician will be there within 24 hours.


The SFR Business Helpdesk for cable is available during opening days and times.

fiber optic


The minimum uptime of our network is 99,8% on a monthly basis, except in cases of planned upkeep and/or maintenance. If availability of 99,6% is not reached on a monthly basis, the bill for that month is reduced by 50%.


As soon as we are alerted to a fault, we send you a technician specialised in fiber optic within 2 hours. The fault is identified and communicated to you within 4 hours and repair to the fiber begins as soon as possible.
If the repair time in case of damage caused by a third party is more than 24 hours, the monthly bill will be reduced by 100% for the connection affected by the fault.


The SFR Business Helpdesk for fiber is available
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


In case of a problem during opening days and times..


In case of a breakdown between 9pm and 9am,
on weekends and on public holidays.