the power
of your business
With SFR Business

The advantages of SFR Business

Internet, landline & mobile and TV: Offer your business
the most powerful network in Belgium and enjoy unbeatable value for money.

All in 1

In business as in everything else, time is money.

With Business Packs, make your life easier by opting for our all-in-one connectivity solutions: internet, landline, mobile, digital TV. Choose the best quality at the best price in a single pack.


1 bill

No more unnecessary paperwork.

With SFR Business, whatever the formula you choose for your business, you will only receive one bill for all the services. Opt for transparency and ease with a single detailed bill.


1 contact person

With SFR Business, your client account is followed up by a single contact person.

You will not have to talk to a different person every time. Your account is handled by one person and you benefit from optimal and personalised client account management.




Companies with fewer
than 5 employees

Big solutions
for small businesses



Companies with
5 to 200 employees

Solutions that adapt to
the needs of your business

Your needs, our solutions


Using the extremely high capacity of our fiber optic and coaxial cable networks, along with the wide coverage that we offer in Belgium, SFR Business can offer you unrivalled solutions.
Whatever your bandwidth, television or landline needs, with SFR Business the entire world will be open to your business, non-stop!


As a business, you are above all looking for efficiency, reliability and value for money.
SFR Business can help you reach your objectives by using the power and the speed of coaxial cables and optical fiber and by using our mobile services that are supported by Base Company, one of the most efficient Belgian operators.
As a business, you aspire to solutions that are flexible and adapted to your needs. SFR Business offers you customised and all-in-one connectivity solutions.


Just like you, SFR Business prioritises innovation, because just like you, we want to offer the best possible service to our clients.
Offer your company the most powerful network in Belgium without delay and enjoy the benefits of unbeatable value for money!


Just a phone call away

With a simple phone call, or a visit to one of our points of sale, SFR Business will arrange an appointment with you in order to install the cable modem, after which you will have connected:

  • Your landline
  • Your PC or your Wi-Fi router
  • Your TV
Expect the process to take between 5 and 15 working days in total, bearing in mind that we handle all requests as quickly as possible.
If you are currently a client of another operator and want to keep your current telephone number, expect a delay of 10 to 20 working days.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

At SFR Business, reliability is our watchword. We make every effort to guarantee the uninterrupted availability of our network so that you can work in optimal conditions. We have a team of specialised technicians and we guarantee rapid and efficient intervention in case of connection or line problems.