Solutions tailored
to your company's needs
For companies with 5 to 200 employees


With SFR Business, you no longer have to choose between power and flexibility and
you enjoy the latest innovations in terms of connectivity.


Cable or fiber optic: together, we determine which is better suited to your situation. Compose your own SFR Business formula depending on your needs and set the parameters of each service the way you want. Internet, landline telephone and digital TV all-in-one: you create the package that suits you best and enjoy the greatest power for the best price.


Compose your SFR BUSINESS Combo pack

What technology do you have access to ?
Number of lines
Number of numbers
Pro fleet
Business Price Plan
Corporate Price Plan
  • Fixe 6 SIP
  • Fixe 8 SIP
  • Fixe 10 SIP
  • Fixe 12 SIP
  • Fixe 15 SIP
  • Fixe 30 SIP
  • Fixe 60 SIP
  • Fixe 2 Classic
  • Fixe 2 SIP
  • Fixe 4 SIP
  • Fixe 6 SIP
What technology do you have access to ?
Download speed
10 Mo/s
Upload speed
10 Mo/s
Download volume
IP address
E-mail address + Alias
Web space included
10 Go
  • 10 Mo
  • 20 Mo
  • 50 Mo
  • 100 Mo
  • 200 Mo
  • 500 Mo
  • 1 Go
  • 100 Mo
  • 200 Mo
Digital television by SFR
  I am interested in digital television
  I am not interested

Your combo

Fiber / Fixe 6 SIP
Cable / Fixe 2 Classic
Fiber / 10 Mo
Cable / 100 Mo
Digital Television

Any questions?

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